Wowza Custom streaming/recording (RTMP) Setup

  1. Open a Web Browser and open the two following links.
  2. Follow the Wowza Directions to begin setting up your live event.
  3. When you reach step 5 under Create a live stream that uses an RTMP you will select Push.
  4. Make sure that the aspect ratio is set to 1280 x 720.
  5. Below the aspect ratio options make sure you enable Yes, record this live stream and under Source Security click Disable Authentication.
  6. Once you have completed step 3 under Test the connection continue below.
  7. Please refer to the Custom RTMP directions by clicking on the link below to set up your live stream in MyPages.
  8. Once you have connected your room to Wowza refresh your page and now your Video Snapshot should display your live stream.
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