Facebook Secure Custom streaming/recording (RTMP) Setup

 1. Open a web browser and navigate to https://www.facebook.com/live/create.
2. You will be asked to log into your Facebook Account.
3. Now click on Create Live Stream.
4. Now Facebook will ask you where you want to create your live stream. For example on your personal facebook page, or on a company's facebook page.


5. Once you have selected where to post your live stream click on Next.
6. Now add a Title for your stream. You can also add a caption or tag for your stream if you wish.


7. Located directly above the Server URL click the empty box next to Secure Connection.


8. Please refer to the Custom RTMP directions by clicking on the link below to set up your live stream in MyPages.

9. If you wish to start your Live Stream immediately just click Go Live.
10. To schedule your live stream first locate the Go Live button.
11. On the right side of the Go Live button there is a Arrow facing down. Click on that arrow.


12. Now click on Schedule Live… and a new window will appear.
13. In the new window set the Date and Time for your event.


14. You can also upload an image to display before the event goes live by clicking on Upload Image below the Date and Time settings.
15. Now click Schedule and your live event has been created.


If you have any issues while setting up your live event please refer to the link below to get more in-depth directions




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