Youtube Live Custom streaming/recording (RTMP) Setup

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Now it will ask you sign into Youtube.

3. Click Enable Live Streaming.


4. If you have not used Youtube before it will ask you how to use Youtube. Type the name you would like and then click on Create Channel.


5. You should now see the following page. At the top right corner click on New Live Event.


6. Now add a Title, set the Date and Time, add a Description or Tag as well if you wish. Most importantly set your privacy settings. Most commonly used is Unlisted.


  • Click Here for more information about Public, Unlisted, and Private.

7. After choosing your privacy settings make sure the Streaming Type is set to Custom.

8. Now click Create Event.

9. Upload a Thumbnail picture if you wish to use a different picture than the default.

10. Below Thumbnail click on Custom Integration. Now click on Select a stream and then click on Create new stream.


11. Type a name for the new stream and change the Maximum sustained Bitrate to 720p.

12. Now click Save Changes.

13. Now you should see Select your encoder below. Make sure it is set to Other encoders.


14. Please refer to the Custom RTMP directions by clicking on the link below to set up your live stream in MyPages.

15. Once you have connected your live stream scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Live Control Room.


16. Now click on Preview and you can make sure your stream is set up correctly.


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