Setting up custom streaming/recording (RTMP) in MyPages

1. Go to and log in with your account.

2. In the top right corner of the page, click the 3 vertical dots to open the More items menu, and select Live events & recordings.

(If the Live events & recordings option is not available, contact your supplier to enable you for RTMP or YouTube streaming & recording integration.)


3. Select Enable RTMP.


4. You'll see a confirmation page stating "Custom events (RTMP) enabled".

5. Select Live events & recordings to go to the live event scheduling page.


6. Select Schedule event.

  • If you’ve enabled Youtube for live events and recording, you’ll need to select Custom (RTMP) before you can select which Virtual Meeting Room you want to use.
  • If YouTube has not yet been enabled, selecting Schedule event takes you directly to the room selection page.

7. Select which virtual meeting room you want use to stream/record your live event and select Next.


8. Select the Date and Time for the event. Enter a "Title" and confirm the "Start time" and "End time", and Save changes. When done, click Next.

9. The next page, "Custom streaming/recording (RTMP) links", asks you for the following items:

  • Server or stream URL: this is your RTMP link from your streaming platform's encoder setup page.
  • Stream name or key: this is the name/key, if applicable, from your streaming platform's encoder setup page.
  • Player link (optional): a link to share with your streaming/recording audience.
  • Recording link (optional): a link to share to the recording when the event is over.

10. Copy and paste your RTMP link and enter any other optional or applicable items, click Finish. 

If you don't have an RTMP link, you can refer back to the Help Center articles that describe how to set up your custom streaming/recording (RTMP) links - see Streaming/Recording Articles.

11. You are redirected to a page where you can find your scheduled event’s links/information for meeting participants and live streaming audience.



At the time of the event (or up to an hour before the selected start time), from the virtual meeting room that was selected for the event, you can click Start now when you are ready to start the stream/recording of the meeting.

It might take a minute or two for the recording to begin.

When you are done with the event, click End. Click on More details to find the link to your recording.


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