How to Setup Custom streaming/recording (RTMP) in MyPages

1. Go to MyPages and log in if you are not already logged in.

2. In the top right corner of the page click on your name or click on the arrow.


3. In the new dropdown menu click on Live events & recordings.

4. Towards the top right look for a button labeled as Manage Integrations and click it.


5. Click on Turn custom streaming (RTMP) on.

6. After enabling custom RTMP you will see the following screen.


7. Now click Schedule Event.

8. Select Custom (RTMP) and then select what room you wish to stream/record.


9. You will now select the Date and Time for the event and click Next.

10. Now MyPages will ask for your RTMP link as well as optional Player Links and Recording Links. Once you copy and paste your RTMP link into the field click Finish.

11. Now please refer back to your Help Center article that you are using to set up your Custom streaming/recording (RTMP) links. You can find the links to these documents below.

Streaming/Recording Articles

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  • can you share user manual and troubleshooting document in pdf ..

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