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    v16 RC1 Now Available!


    Ooooohhhhhh yeah! We are getting closer and closer to the launch of v16. I know you all are waiting for it - and so are we. But first, we have to complete the beta and testing phase. 

    Today, we are thrilled to launch the first v16 Release Candidate (and it might be the last). We invite everyone to download and install this version within their lab and test environments soon, test everything out, and send any and all feedback into us as soon as possible.

    The software can be downloaded any time from our downloads site (direct link: 

    And don't forget about our v16 documentation (direct link:! It's ready and waiting for your perusal 

    We will keep you all posted on the progress of the beta release. 

    Happy testing! 

    - Pexip Technical Services

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      Jordan Owens

      Today, we are happy to release the second release candidate of v16, RC2. This version is almost identical to the previous release candidate; the only change is a bug fix that we identified with the Google Cloud Compute platform.

      The second release candidate can be downloaded from our downloads site (direct link: Our documentation, as always, can be viewed via

      Assuming all goes well, this release candidate will be the final version and public launch will happen in the coming days.

      Take a look - and let us know your feedback. Happy testing!
      - Pexip Technical Services