Pexip app Logfile Retrieval Instructions


Pexip app 2.0 Log File Retrieval

One of the improvements with Pexip app 2.0 is the ease of obtaining the log files.

Follow the steps below to obtain the files if requested.

For Users Logged In

1. Select the 3 Dot Button from the main window


2. From the drop down menu select 'About'


3. Scroll down to find the option 'Log files'


4. Either open the log file or open the log file location.

The most recent log file is titled 'sleipnir-run.log'.




Old Method


  1. Press the Windows Key and Search %Appdata%, and press the enter button on your keyboardRoaming.PNG
    • This should open up a window showing you the file location Roaming which is in the %APPDATA% file.
  2. Find the Folder "My Meeting Video" and open it.MMV_Location.PNG
  3. There find the file "sleipnir-run.log". This is the file you are looking for.



  1. Open Finder.
  2. Once Finder is open click on Go in the file menu at the top left portion of your screen.
  3. While Go is open Click and Hold the Alt or Option key. 
  4. You should see a new option appear labeled "Library"LibraryOptionKey1.gif
  5. Click on Library and Find the Application Support folder and open it.
  6. Inside of that fold locate the Pexip folder and open it.LibraryOptionKey2.gif
  7. Inside of the Pexip folder find the file named "sleipnir-run.log".
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