Guest Users: Connecting to a Room or Contact Without logging into the Pexip app

It is possible to use the mobile app to join a Meeting room or dial a personal video address without logging into the service.

This function is particularly useful if you have a regular guest (or guests) using your meeting room or dialing your personal video address outside of your company network and don’t otherwise use our service. Or if you’ve been logged out and you’ve forgotten your password and need to join a meeting ASAP.

By downloading the app, they can quickly join your room or call you personally without having to remember the right links or login method each time. They only need to remember the correct video address. And as these are formatted like an email address, we’ve made them as easy to remember as your legendary, meetings themselves.

It’s the holy trinity of great business: simplicity, productivity, and great communication.

  1. Download the app  for Android at the Google Play store, or in the App Store for iOS
  2. After opening the app for the first time the user is given two options:
    1. Log in with username and password
    2. Continue as a guest without logging in
  3. By selecting the second option, the user will be taken to the Guest user page. Here they should type in the display name they would like to use— make it something the host can easily identify you by!— and the complete video address for the room or contact they would like to dial.
  4. Tap the Join now button to join. That’s it! Honestly, it really is that easy, even if you don’t use our service regularly

To switch between the Guest user and Log-in pages


Tap the More options menu and choose the Log-in page option


Switch between login and guest user with the two buttons appearing at the top of the app window   

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