Content Sharing - Audio + presentation only mode


Our service has been designed to allow participants in video meetings to easily share presentations, websites, and other content via screen sharing.

Whilst you cannot share content with the rest of the room yourself from your mobile or tablet, you can still view everything that other guests share.

From your boss’ PowerPoint poetry to viewing inspirational websites that make you say wow, never miss out on the crucial details being discussed ever again with mobile videoconferencing and real-time collaboration.

Audio + presentation only mode

By switching this on in your app settings you can join a room with just the audio feed on, whilst the visual feed will display only screen sharing performed by other guests, without sending or receiving the main video feed. This will reduce the amount of data your call will consume, along with reducing your bandwidth demands. 

Ideal for slow WiFi connections or mornings when you don’t want to miss the important bits, but don’t need anyone to see your morning hair either.


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