How to Make an Audio Call Without Using a Data Connection

All of our Meeting rooms support traditional telephone dial-in using local telephone PSTN networks (public switched telephone networks) that carry regular phone calls. This means you can call into a meeting without using any data, and is just like placing a normal phone call. Great for slow data networks. 
To do this from your mobile device, first open the URL link for the room you wish to join in your phone’s browser. The page automatically selects the country code to use for dialing based on your phone’s current IP address.

If you’re in a country we don’t currently support local PSTN telephone dialing from, the app will select the default country we support in the region you’re calling from. For example, in Europe, it will default to Belgium.

The country displayed is the one used for routing the local call. This means you will be charged at the equivalent of a regular local call placed from that country. Although it’s not a premium number, when traveling abroad check with your phone’s service provider as to how much calling a number registered in a different country to your service agreement will be charged at. You can change the selected country by tapping the drop-down ▼ menu next to the current country. You might wish to change the country you’re calling from for a couple of reasons:

  • You’re in a country we don’t currently support and you want to change to a different territory than the one selected by the app
  • When you’re abroad but would prefer to select the country your phone service is registered in, and we support PSTN dialing there

For example, if you have a mobile phone in Norway and are visiting the UK. It might be cheaper to change the country dial-in from the UK to Norway so your Norwegian service is calling a Norwegian number
You will need to enter a conference code for the room once you have dialed the number. This is displayed underneath the country currently being shown, but is unique to the room and does not change Hit the Call now button below the conference code to dial the number through your regular phone service.

Enter the conference code when instructed to do so. You will now join the room on audio only, and be able to hear all the other participants when they talk

Please note that this feature is only supported when calling a Meeting room. To place an audio-only call to a contact via the app you should use the audio-only data calling feature. You can read more about that here

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