Getting More From Your Pexip Service: Keyboard Shortcuts

Although you might already know how easy it is to join a video meeting on our service, you might not be aware that we’ve created a series of keyboard shortcuts to perform the most popular actions our users take before and during a call. This makes it even faster for you to alter a setting without getting distracted or needing to disrupt other guests.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a keyboard warrior to be in control, just read this short— but 100% comprehensive— list to make sure your finger is always on the button.

Actions you can take before you join a meeting room:

    1. Using the a or b key to join a meeting room:

      • on the Welcome page, you can select to join a room through your browser, (option A) or join with another device or app (option B)
      • pres the a key to choose option A
      • press the b key to select option B insteadimage00.png
    2. Pressing ESC to navigate back to the Welcome screen:                                                           If you select option A to join a room in your browser, you then move through to the next page, your meeting room interface. From here you may want to go back to the Welcome page instead of joining the room, for example if you realize you’re about to join the wrong meeting
      • Simply press ESC to take you back
      • This is the same shortcut for option B on the Select device or app page
    3. Using the number keys to select your device or app:image02.png

      • After choosing option B, you can use the corresponding number key to select the device or app you want to use:
        • press 1 for PC/Mac
        • press 2 for videoconferencing hardware
        • press 3 for telephone
        • for option 1 or 2, use keys 1 - 5 to select the relevant sub-option

    4. The following shortcuts make it quick and easy to perform a single action in the middle of a meeting, so you can spend more time dazzling your audience instead:                       button_camera_off.png  button_mic_off.png  button_numberpad.png
      • during a call, pressing any number 1 - 9 will open up the number pad for dialling
      • pressing c toggles your camera on / off
      • pressing m toggles your microphone on / off
      • press s to hide your own camera feed from your view
      • press f to expand to a full screen view
      • press p to share your screen
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