Known Issue: No Subscription Attributes Loaded

The Activate Endpoint Application is a tool for the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS Desktops which provides the user the ability to easily activate and register a supported endpoint model directly to the Pexip Cloud.  A standalone application which can be installed to the Windows and Mac Desktops, the application combines the Video Network Assessment Test tool along with the endpoint registration capability.  The single application can be downloaded from the MyPages Downloads page.




It has been reported that in some instances that after the installation of the application on a Microsoft Windows PC, when the Launch Activation App button is pressed to initiate the process to activate the endpoint subscription, there is no information about the endpoint subscription loaded by the application:


The expected behavior is shown below:



While there are manual configuration methods to provision an endpoint so that it may initiate the registration process to the Pexip Cloud Service Network, it is strongly recommended that the Activate Endpoint Application be used.  The reason for this is that the Activate Endpoint Application greatly simplifies the endpoint configuration process for the end-user, and any newer incremental steps which may not be in the documented sequence for manual provisioning (from an uncontrolled copy of the sequence) will be built into the application.

To attempt a forced-use of the Activate Endpoint Application, it is possible to manually create the properties file which should normally be generated in the Microsoft Windows user's home directory.  This file is normally generated by the application itself, but may fail to do so if write permissions are not set correctly for the application to write to the user account.  This file is named and should reside in the user's home directory:


It has the following sample content:

#Thu Feb 16 14:10:40 EST 2017
display_name=Demo Endpoint



In an attempt to force the use of the Activate Endpoint application to register an endpoint to the Pexip Cloud, the user can build the file themselves in their Windows home directory.  Alternately, download the sample file attached to this article and edit it as needed.  From the endpoint activation webpage they can locate the attribute values to set in the file -- see the following image for guidance on how to retrieve the endpoint subscription video_address, display_name, uuid, and plan values.



Once the file has been manually created, launch the Activate Endpoint Application again and attempt the endpoint registration using the tool.

The steps described above should be sufficient to resolve the issue.  If the problem persists, contact Pexip Technical Support by opening a Priority 3 request with the subscription details (analytics link) via the Help Center for assistance.

Last updated: 2019-06-11

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