Receiving and Making Calls with Video Addresses Outside Your Company Network


It’s really simple to search all the Meeting rooms in your company through the Rooms # page or view individual contacts via the Contacts page. However, in addition, you have the capability to dial out to, as well as receive calls from, video addresses outside of your company network. 

Using the app you can call any external video address that uses standards-based SIP/H.323 video protocols. But just to stop any confusion and maintain privacy, this service is intended for contacting people you’re already familiar with, so their full video address is required in order for you to call them. Your external contact should share this with you before trying to contact them.

Making Outgoing Calls

Once you have the complete video address of the person or meeting room you would like to call you should type this into the Search field:

  • for Android, you can do this from any page in the app
  • for iOS, you can open the Contacts page first and then type the address
  • If you type only a partial address your search will display No results found. You must enter the full video address



As soon as you’ve typed out the full address, if the contact uses our service but is outside your network, they will be displayed underneath the search field.

A green light next to the contact indicates your in luck and they’re online at the moment!


Simply tap on the contact to take you through to the dialing screen:

  • you now have the option to place a video call by tapping the Video icon
  • or use audio-only data calling by tapping the Phone icon

image00.png  image02.png


Receiving Incoming Calls

To receive calls from other people using a SIP/H.323 video addresses outside of your own network, you should share your video address with them. You are able to receive calls from other SIP/H.323 address both on our service and other providers.

To find your full Personal (if you have one) and Meeting room video addresses you can:

  • The Meeting room address is displayed under the Your room listing at the top of the Rooms # page. Click SHARE to send your room address and other login details via your phone’s messaging or email apps
  • view your Account profile in the desktop app
  • check the Details view under the Profile tab inside of the web app (login through a browser)
  • view your Advanced room info on the Welcome page of the web app
  • you can now share this with you via email or messaging services

In addition, Skype for Business users outside your company network is able to call into your Meeting room as a guest user. To do this they should use the specially formatted Skype for Business video address found in your Advanced room info to connect their call on to our network in the correct format. 

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