Video Calling vs. Audio-only Data Calling

Our mobile app makes professional video calls and meetings on-the-go a reality for our users. However, there may be some occasions where a video call may not be possible, or indeed desirable, for instance if you’ve not got round to your hair or make-up yet today.

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To call one of your contacts, scroll through the Contacts directory or start typing a name into the Search field.

The specific contact or all your search results will be displayed underneath the search field. Tap the desired contact to go through to the dialing screen:

  • using Android you can perform this search from any page
  • for iOS you should perform the search or type out a full video address from the Contacts page
  • a green light indicates they’re online at the moment, you’re in luck! Tap the video icon to place a video call, or tap the phone icon to make an audio-only data call

To find out how to call someone outside of your company network you can read all about that here.

When would I use audio-only data calls rather than video?

Apart from when a meeting takes you by surprize and you need to hide the fact you’re working in your bathrobe, there are several reasons to use audio-only data calls in place of video. Both video and audio-only data calls are connected to our network through your local data connection (or WiFi network if available). However:

  1. If your current internet connection is slow, for instance on a public airport WiFi network, or there’s a lack of 4G coverage where you currently are, you may want to go with audio-only dial-in
  2. Additionally, if you need to reduce your data consumption and there’s no WiFi to connect you could choose audio

Why use audio-only dial-in calls through the app instead of my regular mobile service provider?

It makes it easier to call international contacts directly, especially when you don’t have their full contact details handy. Also, whether you’re calling an individual or a meeting room, the audio quality should substantially better, so all calls can sound like crystal-clear local connections, even when you’re calling someone over the other side of the world.

And if you’re connected to WiFi, the call will not cost you anything. If you use your mobile data network, this will be charged as per your agreement with your service provider

To find out about placing audio calls without using a data connection (PSTN dialing), you can read this handy guide here.

 How much data does a call use?

  • a video call will use roughly 512 kb per second
  • and audio will use about 64 kb per second
  • so a 10-minute call will use approximately 5mb for audio vs. 40 mb for video
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