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    Securing the Reverse Proxy with fail2ban


    It is really cool how Pexip can provide a way to offer browser based video conferencing to users that are located outside of an organisation. A common way to architect this functionality is to install a reverse proxy and TURN server at the organisations network edge.

    One of the risks in providing this service is that the reverse proxy is exposed to the big bad Internet, making it more susceptible to individuals with malicious intent aiming brute force attacks at the platform to try to crack conference pins.

    To mitigate this risk, it may be wise to implement a feature called fail2ban. fail2ban is a method to ban the source IP address from further communications with the system when it fails to enter the correct conference pin more than x times over a period of y time. It provides a way to stall or deter these brute force attacks intending to hack conference pins.

    fail2ban on Pexip Reverse Reverse Proxy

    Dennis, Pexip

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