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    Pexip Infinity Connect for iOS v5.5


    Hi all,

    This is a forum specifically designed to discuss the upcoming launch of Pexip Infinity Connect for iOS v5.5.

    In anticipation of the next release of Pexip Infinity Connect for iOS, we wanted to reach out with a quick bulletin to highlight a couple of important details of which you should be aware. The app itself is in final review before the next release publishes to the Apple iOS App Store, and the release could hit the public store as soon as today, 4 Oct 2016. 

    Security Enhancements. Much of this release is focused on security enhancements within the app. This includes migration of all user details needed for reverse proxy authentication to the keychain, an optional selection that allows the user name and password information to be persisted in keychain or manually entered for each connection, certificate validation, and many other behind the scenes tweaks. 

    The enhancements to certificate validation will have a direct impact to all of your production and lab deployments. Now, when the app attempts to join a meeting, it will validate the certificate first. If the deployed certificate fails validation (e.g. if the certificate is still the self signed one included on initial deployment), the app will refuse the connection and provide a certificate error to the user. 

    Improved error messaging. This release also includes improved error handling and user feedback app fails to connect. For example, a proper error message stating that the conference has reached capacity is now provided to the user if they connect to a participant limited conference at capacity. 

    Speaker/headphone selection. When a user has joined a conference, they can now toggle between the headphone and speaker when the physical device is in landscape mode. 

    Display name. You can now select the display name the app will use when joining a conference. This setting can be configured under the “Connection Settings” menu on the home page of the app. 

    How do you upgrade? Upgrading your app is easy! And it may even be automatic. Once the app posts to the app store, you can simply update it within the app store. And if you have automatic app updates setup, it will just happen.

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