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    v13 Webinar Questions


    Hi all,

    Thank you to those of you that joined us for the v13 webinar last week. Those of you that were not able to attend can still view the recording via our website. Please feel free to take a look whenever you have some time.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to get to all of the questions that were asked. As a result, we have compiled a full list with answers. We will be sending this list out to all of those that have registered for the webinar. And we are posting them to the forums as well.

    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to post below.


    Q: What is the official release date of v13?

    A: v13 will become public on 13 October 2016.

    Q: Will the in call watermarking feature be enabled for all of my themes on upgrade?

    A: Yes, the watermark will be visible to all existing themes automatically on upgrade to v13. You are more than welcome to change the logo that is used for the watermark itself or disable the watermarking feature altogether within the v13 theme. More information on how exactly to change the watermark behavior via the themes mechanism can be found in our documentation: (please note that this link will not be active until v13 is officially released).

    Q: Will the transfer option that appears in the webapp host menu be included in a Pexip Infinity Connect installable client update around the v13 release?

    A: The Pexip Infinity Desktop client has been updated to contain the identical transfer functionality that is available in the web app today. Call transfer is done on a per participant basis.

    Q: Can you comment on any improvements on the registration functionality included in v13?

    A: Pexip Infinity now provides a search facility to its registered Infinity Connect clients that enables them to look up the contact details of other devices and VMRs and external policy API includes a registration alias request to enquire if an alias is allowed to register to a Conferencing Node.

    We have continued to test scale and registration support throughout the v13 release as we have in every release since the functionality was launched. We are quite confident in its scalability and will soon publish some documentation on our docs site ( with these scale numbers.

    Q: Can we include participant name overlays in the main video window?

    A: The Pexip client API does contain some functionality in this specific area. Please consult with your local Pexip representatives to discuss this further.

    Q: Do you have plans to support H.264 High Profile in a future release?

    A: We do have some exciting plans for increasing our codec support in future releases and are happy to discuss roadmap items with you. Please consult with your local Pexip representatives to discuss further.

    Q: Any new updates to the Pexip Distributed Edge functionality?

    A: Absolutely! We are hard at work enhancing our support for firewall traversal and the Distributed Edge capability. Unfortunately, that is not something that we can discuss in a public forum. However, we are happy to provide a roadmap update to any interested customers and partners. Please reach out to your local Pexip representatives to discuss this offline.

    Q: Will you support VP9 in v13?

    A: We are extremely excited to be launching VP9 as a technology preview in this release and are looking forward to testing this out within our customer and partner lab environments. Once v13 is launched, we can provide directions on how to enable this functionality for testing in lab deployments.

    Q: Does VP9 require increased CPU usage on the client side?

    A: At the time of writing this FAQ (October 2016), VP9 is only supported in the Chrome browser and does increase client CPU utilization. VP9 is more computationally complex than VP8 and H.264; this is a result of the decreased bandwidth requirements for a similar quality and resolution. Implementation is still early, so we expect that CPU and client utilization will be optimized over time, helping to reduce this bump in utilization.

    Q: Any plans to support SVC for VP9?

    A: We are always reviewing new advancements of video and audio compression algorithms. One of the core tenets of our development philosophy is to only implement those codecs and resolutions that can truly make a difference in client connectivity to provide value to our customers. Implementation of new and different codecs will therefore track the breadth at which these technologies impact the clients available in the market. If VP9 SVC becomes a driving factor through standards-based and/or open API clients, we will leverage this technology in a future release.

    Q: What is the minimum version of Chrome required for re-transmission (RTX) support?

    A: Chrome 50 and newer supports re-transmission.

    Q: Does the adaptive resilience work that Pexip has done in v13 apply to more than just WebRTC/Chrome-based clients? What about Cisco rooms or Skype for Business clients?

    A: The Pexip Infinity platform has supported Forward Error Correction (FEC), dynamic media rate adaption, downspeeding, and other resilience features for SIP, H.323, and Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business for quite some time. The v13 resilience feature set is more focused on WebRTC and Pexip Infinity Connect (desktop and mobile) clients to help them cope better in lossy network environments.

    Q: Is it possible to hide the recording URI from users?

    A: Depending on how you are adding the recording device, this can be a simple process. Today, this can be set using the Management Node UI, management REST API, or client REST API. In each of these cases, you can set the “Display Name” for the participant to any free text you would like.

    Q: Is the new 2+21 layout available to VMRs? Or just Virtual Auditoriums?

    A: Maintaining consistency across both Virtual Auditoriums and Virtual Meeting Rooms is extremely important to us and our customers. We have therefore made the new 2+21 layout available in both.

    Q: Is there any PPT available with technical diagrams and scenarios (mainly with Skype for Business Online and Cisco VTC’s like Sx20)?

    A: Absolutely! Please reach out to your local Pexip representatives to get some more detailed diagrams pertaining to your needs.

    Q: In 2+21 can the second window be active speaker or only presenters?

    A: The two large windows in the 2+21 layout are representative of active speakers. Our layout logic does not take who presents into account when we place individual video windows into the mix.

    Q: Is it possible to customize the icons in the three “connect” options on the front page (connect with audio/video, connect with just audio, connect without audio/video) in the webapp branding?

    A: Not at the moment as branding does not permit changing the icons themselves. This could be done through custom developing your own web front end portal based on the web app APIs.

    Q: We are still a mixed environment of H.323 and SIP endpoints, but have an opportunity to convert our H.323 endpoints to SIP-only. I know Infinity doesn’t care, but from an “improved signalling standpoint”, is there a general benefit to favoring SIP over H323 as much as possible?

    A: Infinity has been designed and built to optimize performance regardless of signaling protocol. Although H.323 and SIP are quite different in nature, one should not see any actual performance difference.

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