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    v14 Webinar Questions


    We had a great turnout for the v14 launch webinar last week. A huge thank you to all that attended live or have watched the recording since the event. We hope you found the information useful and look forward to continue these events in 2017.

    For those of you that did not attend, don’t worry. You can still get access to all of the content and watch the recording via our website.

    As a follow up from the event, we have posted an FAQ below

    Take a look. And let us know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you to those that attended our v14 webinar and/or have watched the stream since the event last week. For those of you who have not yet signed up, you can do so and watch the recording any time via our website.

    Many of you that attended asked some great questions. Although we couldn’t get to all of them during the event, we wanted to follow up and post the questions below. Please take a look – and don’t hesitate to ask more in the comments.

    Q: Why wouldn’t H.264 HP be enabled by default?
    A: H.264 HiP is not enabled by default due to the limited scope of customers who are looking for this technology in the immediate term. Capability can be quickly and simply turned on by a single switch within Global Settings.

    Q: What are the requirements for VBSS in terms of HW? More HW resources consumption?
    A: There are no additional HW resources required for VBSS

    Q: Any news on even better resources optimization for VMware 6.5? Thanks!
    A: VMware 6.5 will not provide any new resource optimization technology of which Pexip Infinity is not already leveraging. As always, though, we will continue to track advancements within both the hardware and hypervisor environments with the intention of making the best use of all new and expanding technology.

    Q: Is automatic bursting to Azure support coming soon?
    A: This is planned for a future release. We like feature parity across platforms, and this is a given development that will happen.

    Q: Is it possible to dial out from Pexip conference to Skype for Business online meeting?
    A: Yes this is possible if you have a gateway rule in place that matches the dial plan for both sides of the call. In addition, you could use a 3rd party (Synergy SKY or Condeco, for example) to automate this for you.

    Q: Is Pexip planning any advancement around 4K/UHD video for either the main and/or content channel?
    A: From an innovation perspective, we remain focused on those technologies that will truly impact the industry and customer utilization of communications and collaboration technology. That being said, we are keeping a close eye on requirements as they continue to mature.

    Q: Does the Pexip app provide any presence details?
    A: No, not currently. We are, however, undertaking a pretty substantial user experience update throughout the 2017 timeframe.

    Q: Can you test your presentation in the test call?
    A: For the upcoming Infinity 14 release, the test call service is designed for audio and video only.

    Q: Will the Distributed Edge support H.460.18/.19?
    A: Although it is unlikely that the initial release of the Distributed Edge will support H.460.18/.19, we are looking forward towards implementation of additional firewall traversal technology in a future release.

    Q: Could you disable chat for certain participants?
    A: No. Today, chat is either on or off for the whole platform via Global Settings.

    Q: Has there been any PEN testing or 3rd party validation to prove security to the demanding security officers?
    A: Several customers have conducted their own PEN and vulnerability testing for use in their environments, each of which has unique security and information protection requirements. In addition, we maintain constant visibility and review of all major security vulnerability tracking organizations to help keep our security profile as high as possible. Even further, we have run internal and contracted external security reviews of the Pexip solution.

    Q: Can you help me find the words to ask my SFB admins what they need to do to enable VBSS on the SFB infrastructure end?
    A: The following Microsoft TechNet discusses VBSS for SfB Server 2015:

    Q: Is there a way to modify the length of time of the last slide in the test sequence “if you have technical issues, check your settings or contact your admin” before the automatic hang-up?
    A: You can customize the number of seconds that users can test their media before the disconnect message is played. You can also customize the number of seconds that media is delayed before being looped back to the caller when using a Test Call Service. More information can be found in our online documentation: (NOTE: this site will not be live until the public launch of v14)

    Q: Does high profile codec require more CPU or licenses when connected?
    A: No, High Profile behaves the same as any other codec within the Pexip Infinity platform; processor/hardware and licensing consumption is flat when compared to other like systems.

    Q: What does “High Profile” mean in terms of video quality … higher resolution? Higher fps? Better resolution at lower bandwidth? Does High Profile require extra CPU on Conference Nodes?
    A: High Profile reduces bandwidth on H.264 connections. The video quality is still HD.

    Q: Speaker labels are great! Is there any development on providing labels for non-speaking participants on their live thumbnails?
    A: There are no short-term plans to implement thumbnail site naming. Because the thumbnails occupy so little of the screen real estate in an effort to support the peripheral effect, there is not enough space to post a name of any real substance. This would lead to a poor user experience.

    Q: Can we have access to beta versions of V14 (and other releases)?
    A: General Availability release of Infinity 14 is planned for this month. In the meantime, feel free to join our forums at to request access to our Beta program downloads.

    Q: Is it slated for end users (room owners) be able to change their Host/Guest PINs without admin help?
    A: Absolutely! This is possible via the APIs today and many customers and partners have created their own points of integration. We are looking at advancing this in the future, but there are a number of factors that make this development difficult, such as validating permissions to change the PIN. Stay tuned, though.

    Q: Is Dual NIC supported on the Management Node?
    A: No, not in the initial release. Dual NIC support is on the Conferencing Node only.

    Q: Can the Test call be “Branded” with logos etc.?
    A: Yes, most definitely. The test call service can be customized via themes. This includes audio files, image files and media delay/disconnect timeouts.

    Q: Possible to use policy to control the number of audio sites and video sites that can be connected?
    A: Yes. In fact, many of our customers and partners who have implemented a policy server are using it for this specific purpose. Ultimately, the policy server will be queried for every call attempt, giving you the ultimate call-by-call control on when, where, and if someone can connect.

    Q: Is there separate license just for audio conference?
    A: Although a separate audio license is not required to conduct an audio conference, it will be possible for all customers to buy audio-only licensing in 2017 if they want to support additional audio connections above and beyond standard licensing.

    Q: Can you mail the presentation afterwards please?
    A: The livestream and presentation will be available afterwards at the same location as you registered. Just use the same email address to view the recording

    Q: Is anything possible / ongoing in regards to multi tenancy and / with better local account support (instead of using LDAP)?
    A: There are no plans today to add the ability to create multiple local admin accounts.

    Q: Is it possible to join O365 cloud conferences from Pexip connected endpoints? (no drag and drop – direct dial in)
    A: There are some possibilities to enable this functionality. Unfortunately, though, this is a bit more complex discussion than is possible within this FAQ. We would recommend reaching out to your local Pexip representative to discuss this further.

    Q: Are custom built certificates required for all Conferencing Nodes even if we do not want to integrate in with Skype for Business?
    A: We highly suggest that all Conferencing Nodes – whether or not you are integrating with Skype for Business – are provisioned with their own publicly or internally signed certificates.

    Q: Is VBSS content feature support from SFB through a Cisco VCS Expressway?
    A: Yes, absolutely. In all cases, Pexip Infinity will transcode incoming VBSS content to the native content support capabilities of any other connected system, whether directly integrated or through other forms of call control and firewall traversal. In the case of Cisco, the VBSS content will be interworked to and from H.239 (for an H.323 call) or BFCP (for a SIP call).

    Q: Does Pexip have address book functionality to save frequently called contacts?
    A: The v13 release (fall 2016) included support for address book functionality to all registered Pexip Infinity Connect clients directly through the platform and through the policy API. This allows administrators to provide a full directory list of VMRs, registered aliases, and other remote endpoints to those clients.

    Q: Any news on firewall traversal advancement?
    A: Stay tuned here! We are actively working to release a Distributed Edge firewall traversal capability in the short-term.

    Q: Does Pexip support cascaded meetings (legacy to AVMCU) for O365 hosted conferences.
    A: Although this functionality is supported, we would suggest that a cascaded meeting does not provide the best overall user experience to either side of the connected call. Instead, we would prefer to send each caller into the Skype Meeting to preserve the Skype experience, hence offer a better experience for everyone.

    Q: Will v14 include the VP9 codec?
    A: VP9 is already available in Infinity as a tech preview, and it will continue to have that status in Infinity 14.

    Q: Is there hope for a content sharing add-in for Firefox?
    A: We are tracking some developments within the Mozilla consortium regarding better/more advanced content sharing. Unfortunately, there is no timetable of which we are directly aware on when this functionality will be released and production ready.

    Q: Does Pexip supported both Skype for Business on-premises and O365? Please explain how Pexip integrates with Skype for Business?
    A: Pexip supports both platforms today. More information can be obtained from our documentation site ( We are also more than happy to expand on this conversation real time; it’s likely too detailed for this FAQ.

    Q: Does Pexip support 1080p60 content sharing?
    A: We find that very few customers are using 1080p60 in their video calls due to the hardware and bandwidth requirements. As a result, we have not focused on this area to date. If you have a specific problem or application where this is a requirement, please reach out to your Pexip representative to discuss in more detail.

    Q: Does a WebRTC custom app support registrations? Custom Remote Camera Control
    A: We are working on a better documented registration client API that would provide better support for custom web app, installable, and mobile client registration. We hope to have more information available in Q1 2017; stay tuned and please reach out to your Pexip representative for a deeper discussion.

    Q: Does a WebRTC custom app support custom remote camera control?
    A: Not today, no. However, we are always listening and eager to learn of additional use cases and value that we can provide. Please reach out to us to discuss this in more depth.

    Q: Any further enhancements on integration with Skype for Business?
    A: Pexip Infinity 14 now has Video Based Screen Sharing (VBSS) and we look to add more features over the next few releases.

    Q: Compare Azure/Amazon for Pexip. What is better, easier to manage, implement, cons and pros.
    A: There is feature parity between these two cloud platforms except for automated bursting (AWS only today, Azure coming in the future). What one feels is easier to manage as a cloud platform is very subjective, so ultimately it comes down to what you as the administrator feels most comfortable with. From a Pexip perspective, there is no preference.

    Q: With which VC systems is H.264 Hi Profile compatible (Polycom, Avaya/Radvision, Huawei, ORTC browsers…)?
    A: Any systems that support the standard implementation of High Profile will be compatible with Pexip Infinity.

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